Terms & Conditions


We guarantee our own brand/built and supplied units against manufacturers defects and installation defects as long as it was installed buy ourselves, we do not guarantee against self or third party installers. there is no guarantee against water ingress or dampness in the environment in which it is installed. it is up to the client to be satisfied that the product they are purchasing is suitable for the purpose it is intended for.


Depending on which door is chosen for your kitchen depends on the warranty given.

Doors are guaranteed against manufacturers defects only.

  1. 1 or 5 piece vinyl wrapped, 5yrs
  2. mfc abs edged 3yrs
  3. painted mdf 2yrs
  4. painted solid timber 5yrs
  5. solid oak 5yrs
  6. acrylic 5yrs

All the above are dependant on the exact replacement still being available at the time of replacement. if an exact replacement cannot be found then the closest to the original will be offered. no cash alternative is available.

Solid Surface Worktops

Corian, Hanex, and Lg Hi-Macs all carry a 10yr warranty against manufacturers defects buy the manufacturers.
fabrication warranty is for 12 months and is conditional against usage.

Joins in solid surface are NOT invisible but inconspicuous, there is a .5 mm tolerance allowed in fabrication of this material so it
may be possible for joins to be seen. plain dark colours and colours with large particles are normally the ones that show joins.

Avoid black and dark colours on work surfaces these colours carry a disclaimer against marking and scratching in a busy environment such as kitchen worktops.

Granite worktops

All granite worktops carry a guarantee supplied by the company that installed them, please check this when ordering to ensure you are happy with what is on offer. if you have a problem then please call us in the first instance.

Quartz worktops

Silestone worktops carry a 10 yr Guarantee Against colour fastness and manufacturers defects, again this is claimed through the supplier of the product. if you have a problem then lease call us in the first instance.

Laminate products

Laminate worktops and flooring are only Guaranteed by the manufacturer up to the point of installation due to the nature of the product. We do not offer a Guarantee against any laminate product or the joining thereof due to the nature of the product.

Although we use the best jointing compounds available it is still possible to ruin a worktop join by leaving standing water on the joint for any amount of time, as we have no control over how the worktop is treated after installation we cannot possibly Guarantee the join.



All appliances carry their own warranties and as such once they have been installed it is up to the client to register any appliance with the manufacturers as required to validate any warranty offered. we work closely with all suppliers and will carry out any repairs/replacement etc they request us to do on their behalf. if you have a problem with any appliance then please contact them in the first instance using the instructions supplied with the appliance.


Full kitchen installations carried out by Newquay kitchens ltd are Guaranteed against poor workmanship for the period of 24 months from the date of completion.

If you have chosen Newquay kitchens ltd to install your kitchen then you will have this listed on your invoice and VAT will have been charged.

Newquay kitchens ltd installers are also fully insured against public liability and have legal protective costs in place.

If however you have chosen a third party to install your kitchen, for whatever reason, then it is up to you to check that a warranty is offered.

We do recommend installers and whilst we try to ensure that they are insured it is important that you check that this is the case.

We cannot be held Responsible for 3rd party fitters or their actions.

All the above are subject to inspection by ourselves and/or the representatives of the products supplied and your statuary rights are not affected.